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Southeast Asia

ISBN 9789744801050
WL Order Code 22680

Bangkok 2013 374 pp., 40 pp. illus. 150 x 210 mm., 0.530 kg

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Isabelle, Massieu; Around Southeast Asia in 1897
Around Southeast Asia in 1897: A Frenchwoman’s Observations in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, and Laos documents the travels of a Frenchwoman. Published in 1901 as a travelogue of a rare female traveler undertaking a journey by herself, at her own rhythm, and using her time as she saw fit, to observe the transformations in various countries of Indochina, this book offers original insights into the life of the local people and political developments under the onslaught of colonial powers in a region that is again in the focus today for its rapid globalization. Isabelle Massieu took a special interest in talking to field administrators and local people and in the transformation of these colonies by appropriate policies. Foremost, public education has her attention. At times journeying as a tourist to the obligatory sights and cities on a world traveler’s itinerary, she also has a keen eye and a ready ear for gossip that is not found anywhere else in the literature of these dramatic decades of upheaval.


ISBN 9789835600289
WL Order Code 8082

Kuala Lumpur 1988, 138 pp., 80 pp. illus., 14 pp. in col., 195 x 250 mm, 0.670 kg

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Dumarcay, Jacques & Michael Smithies; Cultural Sites of Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia
Southeast Asia has a considerable number of ancient cultural sites which are visited and appreciated by an increasing number of overseas travelers. This book covers the main archaeological and architectural sites found in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Each is described and its salient features noted and placed in the general context of the country and the region. Plates and original figures, including axonometric drawings produced specially for the book, enhance the reader’s appreciation of the extremely rich and varied cultural past of these sites.


ISBN 9789744801432
WL Order Code 22616

Bangkok 2009, 128 pp., illus., 150 x 220 mm, 0.400 kg

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Bouwsema-Raap, Wilhelmina; Great Mosque of Banda Aceh, the
This book presents the complete history of the iconic monument of Aceh, Sumatra, a crucial symbol of Acehnese identity. We follow the Great Mosque (Masjid Beit ur-Rahmari) from its first incarnation four centuries ago, during Aceh’s Golden Age, through to the local response to colonialism in the 19th century, and the political struggles of recent decades. Aceh became a prominent center for Islamic Learning and Literature in the 16th century. A new and unique style of Islamic architecture arose during Aceh’s Golden Age, under the rule of Sultan Iskandar Muda. In the 19th century, colonial influence resulted in a Christian style replacing the older tradition. However, over time, this was transformed by the Acehnese into one of the most beautiful Islamic hypostyle mosques in the country. In August 2005, Aceh signed a peace agreement ending the long and violent struggle for independence from the Republic. Now Aceh is flourishing again, as in the 15th and 16th centuries. Bouwsema-Raap’s reconstruction of the history of the mosque’s different phases takes us from Aceh’s position as the most powerful and wealthy state in the region and an international center of trade and Islamic learning, via the Dutch colonial period with its territorial aggression and curious cultural policies, up through the first half-century of independent Indonesia, with the long-overdue return of decision-making power over the mosque to the Acehnese themselves. “In a world struggling with the collapse of rich histories and cultures into politicized fundamentalist stereotypes, and in the space where the disciplines of Southeast Asian Studies and Southeast Asian art history intersect, this book makes a welcome and important contribution.” Astri Wright, Professor of Southeast Asian Art History, University of Victoria, BC, Canada.


ISBN 9789748434520
WL Order Code 22030

Bangkok 1998, 398 pp., 150 x 120 mm, 0.550 kg

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Magallanes, Catherine J. Iorns and Malcolm Hollick; Land Conflicts in Southeast Asia Indigenous People,
This book deals with the competing pressures being placed on land and resources worldwide as the world’s population grows. Within states, these pressures are increasingly leading to conflicts over land and associated resources and these conflicts are increasingly becoming internationalized. This situation is nowhere better illustrated than in Southeast Asia. This book brings together a wide range of both academic and practical expertise. It examines and analyzes a range of conflicts over land and resources in Southeast Asia and makes recommendations for their resolution. The case studies discuss situations in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. They address development due to industrialization, mining, logging and tourism. The book then focuses on the international legal and political framework which applies to the various conflicts described. Finally, the editors make helpful suggestions for the prevention and resolution of such conflicts at both the national and international level.


ISBN 9789835600555
WL Order Code 2997

Singapore 1999, 358 pp., 12 pp. illus., 130 x 195 mm, 0.425 kg

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King, Victor T.; Moving Pictures: More Borneo Travel


ISBN 9789835600487
WL Order Code 8173

Kuala Lumpur 1998, 105 pp., 24 pp. illus., 2 maps, 130 x 190 mm, 0.200 kg

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Gullick, J. M.; Old Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, founded around 1860, has had an eventful history, twice occupied (in 1872 and again in 1942) by enemy forces, and inundated by floods as recently as 1926. Even more remarkable is the improbable rise of a small trading post on a river bank far in the interior, to the proud status of state, then federal, and finally national capital. In tracing the history of Kuala Lumpur (to 1942), the author has drawn a picture of the local communities and their leaders, beginning with the legendary Yap Ah Loy, The people who lived in the town made it what it was at the time, earning their livelihood, and enjoying their traditional amusements and ceremonies. Even in the modern city something of the legacy of the past is preserved—the Lake Gardens, the ‘moorish’ Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad, and the Railway Station, the mansions of the commercial moguls, and the humbler, but often attractively decorated, shophouses. It is a story, too, of the early rubber boom, and of making the town a healthier place for a better educated population to live in.


ISBN 989744800671
WL Order Code 22437

Bangkok 2005, 428 pp., 150 x 210 mm, 0.600 kg

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Neef, Andreas; Participatory Approaches for Sustainable Land use in Southeast Asia
This work comprises in-depth analyses and discussion of Participatory Research and Development in action, with emphasis on the needs of rural communities in marginal regions of Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao P.D.R., Nepal, the Philippines, South China, Thailand and Vietnam. 38 scientists and development practitioners share their extensive multidisciplinary experience and discuss the relevance, application and pitfalls of participatory approaches to research and development. Most of the chapters evolved from papers presented at the International Workshop “Participatory Technology Development and Local Knowledge for Sustainable Land Use in Southeast Asia”, held from 6-7 June 2001 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Examples from the field cover the participatory development of soil and water conservation technologies, gender-sensitive participatory methodologies, participation in priority-setting for agricultural research, the use of Geographic Information Systems in supporting participatory processes, and the benefits of using local knowledge in managing natural resources. While the contributions contain a wealth of methodological innovations and conceptual advances in participatory approaches, they also point to the conceptual and political limitations and various dangers of misuse of participation in research and development programs. Several, chapters provide evidence that a supportive institutional and socio-political framework is conditional for successfully scaling-up and institutionalizing participatory processes in government agencies and research organizations. Only then participatory approaches will remain relevant beyond the fashionable rhetoric of the mainstream participatory discourse. This book is a valuable contribution to the controversial discourse on Participatory Research and Development for scholars and development professionals.


ISBN 9789748495507
WL Order Code 21469

Bangkok 1991, 157 pp., fully illus., 210 x 295 mm, 0.740 kg

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Pichard, Pierre; Pentagonal Monuments of Pagan, The
These monuments are exceptional in the ancient architecture of Southeast Asia and are indeed rare in the whole history of architecture. This original study by Pierre Richard, architect and member of the École française d’Extrême Orient, presents 17 monuments, discussing the doctrinal, historical, and architectural features of these unique achievements of Burmese genius.


ISBN 9789744801395
WL Order Code 22612

Bangkok 2008, 118 pp., 8 pp. illus., 4 pp. illus. in col., 150 x 210 mm, 0.260 kg

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Fossey, Claire; Rangda, Bali's Queen of the Witches
This book presents a distinctive and revealing new approach to this Bali Hindu figure. For decades, Rangda has been presented to the world as a terrifying and monstrous old woman who rules the dark forces and is the enemy of all things good. Relying on a series of interviews with men and women living in Bali, this fascinating study moves the exotic villainess’ identity to the side and illuminates some of the other faces of the Queen of the Witches, both as they appear in art and in the minds and hearts of the people native to her island home. “This book presents a sensitive exploration of a diverse selection of indigenous viewers’ often ambivalent responses to a standardized image, in this case the Balinese ‘witch’ figure. Fossey challenges the assumption that there is, in any culture, an ‘iconography’ to be found which has a repertoire of single, clear links between ‘images’ and ‘meanings’. Her account of field research in Bali is marvelously vivid and above all aware in its handling of the problem of variation.”—HiIdred Geertz, author of The Life of a Balinese Temple and Images of Power.


ISBN 9781856498791
WL Order Code 8413

London Bangkok 2000, 351 pp., 135 x 215 mm, 0.405 kg

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Liddle, Joanna & Sachiko Nakajima; Rising Suns, Rising Daughters
Western interest in Japan has grown consistently since the war, but surprisingly little is known about Japanese women. This book explores the themes of gender and class by tracing the changing position of women through significant moments of history and into the contemporary period. Their story repudiates the commonly held view of the submissive Japanese woman, and shows how women have been active agents in constructing new identities both in family and public life. The energy of the women’s liberation movement of the late twentieth century resonates with echoes of struggle and resistance from earlier times. Using a new conceptual framework, the authors demonstrate how gender relations are crucially related to the construction of class, and show how woman and gender relations are used as a resource in the struggle for power between nations. The contemporary material is based on detailed interviews, conducted over two decades, with women who have challenged the stereotypes normally attached to Japanese women and attained positions of influence in professional life. This book offers an original approach to the contemporary issues of gender, class, and global politics, and will appeal to both specialist and general readers.


ISBN 9789744801630
WL Order Code 22644

Bangkok 2010, 512 pp., 150 x 210 mm, 0.680 kg

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Le Roux, Pierre & Jean Baffie & Gilles Beullier (Eds); Trade in Human Beings for Sex in Southeast Asia, The
This collection of papers brings together 28 senior scholars and experts hailing from all over the world in various disciplines: ethnology and social anthropology, sociology, geography, political science, psychology, pscho-criminology, medicine, law, economics, history as well as humanitarian assistance providers to provide a general statement on slavery, prostitution and trafficking in persons in the region. In recent years prostitution and trafficking in women and children for the purpose of sexual exploitation has been steadily increasing at an alarming rate. Underlying reasons are not only the ongoing processes of globalization and the lagging behind of the concerned emerging countries, but also a number of cultural factors specific to this region. The problem’s background is given in Part 1: A at the past; Part 2 provides the data from field studies in human trafficking and prostitution; Part 3 deals with additional related problems and suggests possible responses. This indispensable work covers all aspects of a complex social problem and offers some suggestions on how to deal with it. The book was published in cooperation with the Research Institute on Contemporary Studies (IRASEC).


ISBN 9789971898687
WL Order Code 6100

Singapore 1992, 298 pp., 145 x 225 mm, 0.600 kg

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Bartu, Friedemann; Ugly Japanese: Nippon's Economic Empire in Asia, The
As the 2oth century draws to a close, Japan is establishing itself as a leading economic force in the world in general and in the Asia-Pacific region in particular. Increased Japanese involvement in Southeast Asia has fostered the region’s economic development, but it has also brought the Japanese into close contact with the very different cultures of Asia, to most of which Tokyo’s economic supremacy is a mixed blessing. While Japanese officials strive to find a niche for Japan to coexist peacefully with its neighbors, Japanese businesses have steamrolled Southeast Asia and turned it into a vast Japanese back garden. The region has reacted to this Japanese takeover with apprehension and anger, but many Japanese seem to ignore such concerns and therefore appear arrogant and selfish in the eyes of their neighbors. Half a century after the birth of the “ugly American” the Asia-Pacific world is clearly witnessing the rise of the “Ugly Japanese”.


ISBN 9789676530882
WL Order Code 8158

Kuala Lumpur 1997, 295 pp., 19 pp. illus., 4 charts, 130 x 195 mm, 0.345 kg

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Cranbrook, Earl of; Wonders of Nature in South-East Asia
The origins of mountains and plain, the power of winds and sea, the turbulent courses of the rivers, the mysteries of plant and animal life-these and other wonders of nature in an enthralling quarter of the globe are the subject of this new anthology. The theme develops progressively. Each abstract, short or long, itemizes some detail of wonder seen, heard, or felt directly by the writer. Authenticity has been an important standard. Some well-known authors have met the test but, for comprehensive cover and reliability, many passages have been taken from specialist sources that the general reader rarely encounters. In the commentary, Lord Cranbrook adds his own perspective, as a biologist with forty years’ involvement in Southeast Asia. The writings of his choice, from ancient classical times to the present, reveal wonders of the region that the reader can relish in the comfort of an armchair as well as under the tropic sun.

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