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Eleven Mon Dhammasat Texts
ISBN :   9784896566055
WL Order Code :    I7561
Price :    Euro55.25
Print :   Tokyo 1992,
Size :   620 pp., 190 x 265 mm  Weight  1.600 kg
  Nai Pan Hla & Ryuji Okudaira

Eleven Mon Dhammasat Texts
:Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum 6
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ฺBook Code I7561 - Eleven Mon Dhammasat Texts
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This book contains photographic reproductions of eleven Mon Dhammasāt (code of law) texts accompanied by their English translation. Texts include: the Palm-leaf of the Dhammasāt in the Time of King Sāmanta, the Palm-leaf of the Gold-line Dhammasāt, the (Dhammavilāsa) Dhammasāt, the Dhammasāt of the Hermit Manu, the Palm-leaf of the Gold-line Mano Hermit Dhammasāt, the Dhammasāt’s Dividing and Deciding of Inheritance, the Dhammasāt (of the Hermit Manu), the Palm-leaf of the Dhammasāt, the Book of the Gold-line, the Palm-leaf of the Gold-line Dhammasaāt, the Book of the Gold-line Dhammasāt, and the Dhammasāt in Verse. A useful introduction covering the history of the Mon people and their relationship to nearby kingdoms (Myanmar, Siamese, and Khmer) provides the context for the texts and suggests possible relationships between similar texts found in neighboring countries.

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