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Going Places, Letting Go...A Novel
ISBN :   9789747534634
WL Order Code :    E22720
Price :    Euro28.05
Print :   Bangkok, 2017
Size :   766 pp,. 150 x 210 mm.  Weight  1.000 kg
  Matics, Kim

Going Places, Letting Go...A Novel

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Going Places, Letting Go is a slice of life about friends and acquaintances unable to make firm commitments to their dead-end careers and arid relationships. In addition, as the specter of mortality hangs over their heads like the sword of Damocles, the narrative reveals how particular individuals cope with existential alienation and its twin, emotional stagnation.
In the final analysis, most of the anthropo-centric characters of the novel remain locked in the cocoons of their own making. Only a few independents possess the fortitude of will to move on and achieve a measure of balance by fashioning well-integrated lives interconnected with, and not isolated from, other sentient beings in the natural world. They are the ones who, realizing inner and outer harmony in their reinvented lives, are able to transcend their formerly insurmountable difficulties and finally let go of problematic attachments. In the end, they are the ones going places.

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