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String Figures
ISBN :   9789744800763
WL Order Code :    E22441
Price :    Euro12.75
Print :   Bangkok 2006, repr. from 1906;
Size :   448 pp., 7 pp. illus., 150 x 210 mm pbk. Weight  0.800 kg
  Jayne, Caroline Furness

String Figures
:A Study of Cat's -Cradle in Many Lands
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This reprint presents an exhaustive study on an aspect of cultural heritage that can be found in many different cultures across Asia, America and Europe. There seem to be two main groups. In the European and Asiatic type two strings pass around the back of each hand and the crossing loops are taken up by the middle finger. In the Oceanic and American type there are no strings at the back of the hand and the crossing loops are taken up by the index fingers. The first type requires two players while one person suffices for the usual figures of the second type. Examples of the Asiatic type can be found in Korea, Japan, East Indian Archipelago, Philippines and other places. In Europe this type is found in Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, England. The Oceanic type was found in Australia, New Guinea, Melanesia, Polynesia, and various parts of America, from Alaska to all parts of native American Indian societies. Two facts seem significant: (1) the widely spread accompaniment of words or chants and (2) the frequent representation of persons, incidents or objects connected with religion or mythology. These facts may suggest that they represent some symbolism that has in the course of time become obscured. Detailed drawings illustrate the text.

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