Arts of Asia 1975-1982

March-April  1975
Volume 5 Number 2
Price 1,500  Bath


The Charm of Japanese Trade Porcelain
Burmese Art at the Victoria & Albert Museum
Salerooms News
The Helena Woolworth mccann Collection
of China Trade Porcelain at the Metropolitan
Museum of Art
Cao Dai
Pearls Their History and Culture
Wu Tao-tzu: man of t’ang    

Sir John Figgess      17
John Lowry      26
Makiko Ichiura      38

Makiko Ichiura       41
Tuyet Nguyet & Stephen Markbreiter      51
R.H. Leary      61
John W. Linn     70

May-June  1975
Volume 5 Number 3
Price 1,500  Bath

Kris of the Malay Archipelago
Chinese Export Ware in Indonesia
Borneo Bronze
The Asian Collection in the Los Angeles County
Museum of Art
Primitive Wood-carvings of Malaysia
Saleroom News

Edward Frey            23
Raymond Swift            30
Marcus Brooke            34
Diane S. Strachan            42

Pratapaditya Pal            47
Massimo Baistrocchi            59
Collector            69

July-August  1975
Volume 5 Number 4
Price 1,500  Bath

Israel Issue Contents
Palestine the historical background
The Israel Museum
Jewish Ceremonial Art
Archaeology of Israel
Jade a review of the exhibition at the Victoria
& Albert Museum,London
Saleroom News
The Rockefeller Gift of Asian Art
Richard R. Deutsch            20
Martin Weyl            25
Michael Kaniel            33
Uri Avida            57

Roger Keverne            63
R.H. Leary          69
Pratapaditya Pal          79

September-October  1975
Volume 5 Number 5
Price 1,500  Bath
Bamboo Brushpots
The Culture of IsraelPuppet Theatre of India
Nabeshima and Ko-Kutani aristocrats
Of Japanese Porcelain
Ikebana Basket Art      
Saleroom News
Walter E. Lutz       23
Schalom Ben-Chorin       34
Suresh Awasthi       46

Sir John Figgess       55
Sharon Ziesnitz       62
Collecter       67

January-February 1976
Volume 6 Number 1
Price 1,500  Bath

Betel Nut Sets
The National Museum of Cambodia
The Lost Civilisation of Champa
Mahasiddhas in Tibetan Art
Luang Prabang and its Temples
The Quintessence of thai Ceramics
Saleroom News
Historic Afghanistan
Carol Jean Locke       25
Barry Michael Broman       30
E.P.Patanne       38
Raymond Kargl       44
Charles F.B. Wilding-White       50
Charle Nelson Spinks       59
Simone Hartman       62
G.F. Lakhani       74

May-June 1976
Volume 6 Number 3
Price 1,500  Bath

A Living Gift Bicentennial Bonsai
Unearthing China’s Past
John Thomson Compassionate Photographer
China Trade Ware in the Clement E. Conger and
State Department
The Museum of the American China Trade
Saleroom News              
Japan’s First Open Auction           
Collectors’ Column                       
Sharon Ziesnitz            29
John M. Hartman            35
John Warner            42

Jane W. Pool            54
Nora E. Taylor            64
Simone Hartman            74
Patricia Salmon            85
Brian Cuthbertson            95

July-August 1976
Volume 6 Number 4
Price 1,500  Bath

Indian Wall Painting     
Cutting Betel in Style             
Silver Jewellery from India         
Cultural Treasures of Sian and Shanghai         
Henry Salt, a Traveller in India 
The Arts of Islam          
Japanese Dolls    
Chinese Antiquities in Japan
Saleroom News   
Michael Griffith,an end and a beginning       
Collectors’ Column                                       
C.M.N. Sahay       27
Anne Buddle       34
Kamaladevi Chattopaddhyay       40
Sophia M. R. Leung       47
John  Lowry       52
Anthony Gardner       59
Robert and Sharon Balfour       67
Patricia Salmon       75
Simone Hartman       80
Brian Cuthbertson       92

Volume 6 Number 5
Price 1,500  Bath


Indonisia Issue
Dances of Java     
Art of the Batak          
Indonesian Batik           
Madjapahit Terra-cottas             
Servey Collection of Indonesian Art         
The Central Museum in Jakarta         
Saleroom News   
Traditional Costumes of Indonesia         
The London Netsuke Convention 1976        
Chinese Furniture of Robert Ellsworth         
Collectors’ Column                      

John Ogden       29
Christian Roll       35
Sylvia Fraser       42
Roy C. Craven, Jr       46
George Servey       49
Brian Cuthbertson       57
Simone Hartman       64
Judi Achjadi       74
  Edward Wrangham       80
Makiko Ichiura       83

January-February 1977
Volume 7 Number 1
Price 1,500  Bath


Macau Issue
The Portuguese in the Far East Missionaries & Traders
The Catholic Churches of Macau 
Sotheby Parke Bernet’s Hong Kong Sales Autumn 1976  
Aspects of Macau,the Watercolours of George Sirnoff         
Macau Children’s Art              
Rarities of the Musee Guimet  Nawab
The Cham Museum in Danang         
Saleroom News   
Collectors’ Column                    

Michael Cooper, S.J.    25
Michael Cooper, S.J.    34
Brian Arts of Asia    43
Cuthbertson    49
Antonio Andrade    56
Shehbaz H. Safrani    59
Carl Heffley    68
Simone Hartman    75
Joseph Parkes    84

March-April 1977
Volume 7 Number 2
Price 1,500  Bath

Hung Hsien Seal Marks : Which is Genuine?         
Kone Bronzes                     
Wayang Purwa  
Chinese Ceramics for the Japanese Tea Masters         
Luang Prabang Its Decorative Arts         
The Sixteen Buddhist Arhats         
Saleroom News
Collectors’ Column
Mark Chou  29
Barbara Boal   33
Pandam Guritno  42
Effie B. Allison  48
Charles F.B. Wilding-white  57
Harriet E. Huntington   62
Simone Hartman    72
Walter Edmund   90

May-June 1977
Volume 7 Number 3
Price 1,500  Bath

Japan Issue
Japanese Armour           
The Second Netsuke Convention of the
International Netsuke Collector’s Society
Saleroom News   
Japanese Sword Fittings            
Ikebana Ukiyo-e          
Costume of the Noh Theatre
Collectors’ Column                      

W.H. Tilley       37
Jens Rasmussen & Edwrangham       46

George Lazarnick       54
Arts of Asia & Simone Hartman       60
D.Martin H.B. Lorber       69
Sharon Ziesnitz       74
Joanna Shaw-Eagle       82

July-August 1977
Volume 7 Number 4
Price 1,500  Bath


Announcing A Coming Sale at Sotheby’s London 
Woodblock Prints From Fatshan         
Noh Masks           
Gujarat Folk Wood Sculptures         
Japanese Prints From The Vever Collection         
Wood and Bamboo Carvings in the National
Palace Museum, Taipei          
Chinese Paper-Cuts                 
Japanese Matchbox Covers and Labals  
Saleroom News   
Dealers Gallery                       
Collectors’ Column                    

Julian Thompson       26
Brian Cuthbertson       31
Solrun Hoass       39
Brent Ashabranner       46

Roxanna Brown       53
Na Chih-Liang       58
Arts of Asia       63
Edward Voeller       72
Simone Hartman       79
Jane Chater   92

September-October 1977
Volume 7 Number 5
Price 1,500  Bath


Philippine Issue
Maranao Art and the aga khan Museum         
Chinese & Islamic Influences in the Philippines         
Folk Heritage in Chrstian Jewellery         
Phipippine Icons           
Antique Beads of the Philippine Islands 
Saleroom News   
Hung Hsien Seal Marks : Which is Genuine?      
Manila’s National Costumes Museum        
Collectors’ Column                    

Loren W. Fessler       31
Laszlo Legeza       40
Milagros Delgado Enage       47
Christian Roll       54
Angelita G. Legarda       61
Arts of Asia       71
    H.A. van Oort       81
  Stephen Markbreiter       84
Walter Edmund       94

November-December 1977
Volume 7 Number 6
Price 1,500  Bath                      

Chinese Taoist Art                   
Ivory Carvings and the CH’IEN Lung Emperor         
 The Portuguese Porcelain Trade with China         
Soul Images and Gods of the Boat People         
The Chinese Water-Pipe     
Poetry on Three Agate Snuff Bottles          
Saleroom News   
Chinese Ceramics Carried by the Dutch East India Company         
500 years of European Prints
Collectors’ Column                      

Laszslo Legeza       32
Sylvia Fraser       38
Jorge Graca       45
Keith G Stevens       52
Ian Johnson & Marcus Brooke       62
Martha M. Renk       68
Simone Hartman       73

Effie B. Allison       80
Peter Chancellor       90

January-February 1978
Volume 8 Number 1
Price 1,500  Bath


Bronze Metalwork in Java  
Chhau Dances : Tradition & Style  
Tomb Pottery in the National Museum of History, Taipei  
Khmer Ceramics At Prasat Ban Phluang  
Saleroom News   
The Second Netsuke Kenkyukai Convention         
Snuff Bottle Exhibition at Vancouver         
Buying Antiques in Peking 
Collectors’ Column                    

Anthony Gardner       33
Suresh Awasthi       42
Sylvia Fraser       49
Vance Childress & Roxanna Brown       66
Simone Hartman       74
George Lazarnick       79
Mary Morrison       88
Ian Mclean       94
Walter Edmund       98

March-April 1978
Volume 8 Number 2
Price 1,500  Bath


The Temples of Central Java         
Old Manila In Photographs         
Asian Influences in Ethiopian Art         
Transcendental Aspects of Contemporary Hong Kong Art         
Sotheby Parke Bernet’s Hong Kong Sales, Autumn 1977  
Saleroom News   
Collecting Ceramics in Indonesia         
Collectors’ Column                      

Brian Cuthvertson       32
Andres G.Nino       42
Robert Egeter van Kuyk       54
Cesar G. Nunez       61
Arts of Asia       72
Simone Hartman       79
Velma Gillert       85

May-June 1978
Volume 8 Number 3
Price 1,500  Bath

Thiland Issue
Gilt Lacquer Cabninets of Siam 
Mon Terracotta                   
The Rama Kings And the Chakri Building Stephen
Evolution of Thai Silk Homage to Jim Thompson         
Khmer Temples in Thailand         
Saleroom News   
Bullets, Saddles and Horse’s Hoofs         
Thailand’s National Museums of art Treasures         
Collectors’ Column                      
Michael Wright       41
Piriya Krairiksh       46
Markbreiter       52
Jack Lenor Larsen       75
Barry Broman       80
Simone Hartman       89
Tony Oliver       94
Chira Chongkol       103

July-August 1978
Volume 8 Number 4
Price 1,500  Bath


Japan Issue
A Japanes Setting For A Private Collection         
Shibui Beauty of noh theatre 
Tansu Chests of old Japan
Japanese Mythology as Seen Through My Inro Collection         
Japanese Buddhist Paintings         
The Japan Ivory Sculptors’ Association         
Saleroom News         
Lifting the Broccade Veil From the Japanese Sword         
Collectors’ Column                    

David A. Swedlow       42
Fong Peng-Khuan       57
Sir John Figgess       61
M.C. Champoud       68
  D.Martin H.B. Lorber       76
Barbara Thoren       86
Simone Hartman & Arts of Asia       95
F. Karel Wiest     113

July-August 1979
Volume 9 Number 4
Price 1,500  Bath

The Soken Kisho and Ojime   
Treasures of The Orient               
The Japanese Fan             
Yoshitoshi Ukiyo E’s Last Star   
Second Western Pacific Print Biennale         
Saleroom News :
Chinese Japanese Art
The Koller Galleries         
A Tribute to Soame Jenyns 
Dealers Gallery           
Ito-in: An Inspiration for Netsuke ?         
Collectors’ Column                      

Misao Mikoshiba &           
Raymond Bushell       59
Tuyet Nguyet & Tim Luard       70
Barbara Thoren       81
John Stevenson       88
Elizabeth Cross       97

Simone Hartman       105
Beowulf K. Klebert       114
Roger Keverne       118
Stephen Markbreiter       122
Kinya Niiseki       130

March-April 1980
Volume 10 Number 2
Price 1,500 Bath

The watch Market in China Introduction :
The First Period            
Burmese Silverware                   
The Tomb of Li Hsien-Hui,Princess Yung-t’ai         
Chinese Snuff Bottiles in the China Trade         
Mask Making in bali             
The De Santos Collection of Chinese Furniture         
Reporting The Hong Kong Sales
Behind the Scenes 2              
Saleroom News   
  : Lempertz Auktion 574         
  : Chinese Works of Art in New York  
  : Watches: The Belin Collection         
A Remarkable Japanese Dish         
Collectors’ Column          
      A visit to Chingtechen           
      Hai Feng Wood Arts                   

Osvaldo Patrizzi       65
Sylvia Fraser-Lu       77
Simon Holledge       84
Emily Byrne Curtis       90
Marcus Brooke       100
Stephen Markbreiter       106
Ursula Roberts       114
Arts of Asia       127

Beowulf K. Klebert       130
Rebecca Rice Jones       132
Tina Millar       135
Dr T.Volker       138

Sophia M.R. Leung       140
Sherman Ma       146

November-December 1980
Volume 10 Number 6
Price 1,500 Bath

Japan Issue
Kiseruzutsu : The Japanese Pipe Case 
Trends in Oriental Art With an Accent on Chinese Ceramics         
Netsuke and the Soken Kisho

Sake in Japan’s Arts and Crafts         
More Mythological Animals in Netsuke         
Sources of Japanese Porcelains in England         
Saleroom News               

Catalogues and Handbooks         
Authenticating zen Paintings         
Collectors’ Column                    
The Thousand Year Tradition of TZ’u-chou  
Chinese Export paintings         
Tadashi Toyota,Sculptor and Bonsai Artist 

Raymond Bushell       86

Roger Bluett       96
Misao Mikoshiba &
Raymond Bushell       103
F. Karel Wiest       118
Philip Schneider       126
Geoffrey Godden       133
William H. Tilley & Neil K. Davey 
& Arts of Asia       141
Ursula Roberts       148
Belinda Sweet        152

Yutaka Mino       156
Michael Banks       158
Laurine Seguin       162

September-October 1981
Volume 11 Number 5
Price 1,500  Bath

Manifestations of Shiva              
Chinese Jade in the Indianapolis Museum of Art         
Early Islamic Monuments at Delhi 
Some Decorative Motifs At Tjandi Sewu 
Feminine Form in Ancient and Medieval Indian Art         
The Basket Art of Northern Luzon         
Sawai Jai Singh’s Observatories  
Saleroom News         

Handbooks and Catalogues  

Sikh Frescoes at the Lahore Fort  
Collectors’ Column                    
The Dress of China            

The Art of India           
Shehbaz H. Safrain       63
Katherine R. Tsiang       77
Roy C. Craven, Jr.       84
Francoise Legendre       103
C.Krishna Gairola       110
Brent & Martha Ashabranner       120
Pramod Kumar       127
Rebecca Rice Jones, Arlene
        Horwitz-Wah, Ursula Roberts       136
Elizabeth H. Moore,
N.D. Wijesekera, Belinda Sweet       145
Khalid Mahmud       148

Museum of the American China
Trade       156
Roy C. Craven, Jr.        158

November-December 1981
Volume 11 Number 6
Price 1,500 Bath

Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities
Historical Introduction                  
Neolithic Painted Pottery             
Early Chinese Bronzes                       
Animal Styles in the Ordos Bronzes         
Tomb Figurines                      
Chinese Lacquer from Yuan, Ming and Ch’ing  
Chinese Ceramics from Han to Ch’ing         
Chinese Sculpture                     
Chinese Paintings                    
Saleroom News   
    Christie’s in New York                   
Collectors’ Column                      
   Japanese Gold Leaf Screens in Paris 

Bo gyllensvard       91
Jan Wirgin       113
Per-Olow Leijon       135

Sebastian Izzard, Colin Sheaf       147

Ariane Faye       158

March-April 1982
Volume 12 Number 2
Price 1,500 Bath


Negoro Lacquer          
Made in Japan  :  The Artistic Techniques of the Japanese Masters         
Craftsmen in a Harsh Envionment         
John Ogilby, China Publisher         
The great Japan Exhibition         
Chinese soft Paste or Steatitic Porcelain         
Saleroom News
Hong kong reports               
Handbooks and Catalogues         
A History of Painting in Korea
Collectors’ Column                    
 Horyu-ji : Temple of the Exalted Law         

Ben Birillo       65

F.Karel Wiest       76
Hedda Morrison       87
Harriet Crawley       96
W.H. Tilley       100
Van Oort & J.M. Kater       112

Ursula Roberts       124
Ursula Roberts       134
Hwi-Joon Ahn       138

Rand Gastile       150