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Picture Postcards of Cambodia

E22651  More ..
Picture Postcards of Cambodia
By Montague, Joel G.


Plumeria in Thailand: A Guide

E22666  More ..
Plumeria in Thailand: A Guide
By Pein, Joerg


Political Struggles in Laos (1

E22439  More ..
Political Struggles in Laos (1
By Gunn, Geoffrey C.


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Politics of (no) Elections in Thailand: Lessons from the       2011 General Election, the

Politics of (no) Elections in Thailand: Lessons from the 2011 General Election, the
By Merieau, Eugenie
278 pp., 145 x 210 mm.
The book was borne out of the idea that the 2011 election represents a paradigm shift in the history of Thai electoral politics. Data collected by King Prajadhipok’s Institute before and after the 2011 election, mostly through face-to-face interviews, came to substantiate this claim. The data paints a picture of a well-informed and mature Thai electorate in all parts of the kingdom. Contrary to the conclusions drawn by some earlier research, the data here shows that the most knowledgeable and most informed of all voters in Thailand are northeastern people, outperforming voters in Bangkok in their knowledge of the candidates and the issues by a signifi cant margin. In other words, the scholars in this book argue against the traditional anti-election discourse, which assumes alleged ignorance on the part of Thai voters (especially in the Northeast) and compares provincial members of Parliament to wild animals. Yet such discourse is still vivid today. It even provided the rationale for the blocking of the 2014 general election under the motto “Reform before Elections”—and then paved the way for the May 22 military coup. The 2011 general election represents the apex of the Thai democratization process so far. As a signal of possible democratic consolidation, it prompted a renewal of authoritarianism in the form of a return of the military to the political stage, which is likely to have long-lasting eff ects on the overall process of democratization in Thailand.
More Detail..
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Zum Ersten Mal im Ausland: 189

Order Code N5312
Zum Ersten Mal im Ausland: 189...
By Schalbruch, Martin & Ampha Otrakul
..Read more..

Reamker: The Cambodian Ramayan

Order Code N4888
Reamker: The Cambodian Ramayan...
By Stevens, Arjay
..Read more..

Slices of Thai History from th

Order Code N4879
Slices of Thai History from th...
By Stearn, Duncan
..Read more..

Taking it up the Blindside

Order Code N4758
Taking it up the Blindside...
By Prichard, Jon
..Read more..

Tropic Gardener, the: Guide to

Order Code E22732
Tropic Gardener, the: Guide to...
By Campbell, Patrick A.C.
..Read more..

Kulap Saipradit ('Sriburapha')

Order Code E22731
Kulap Saipradit ('Sriburapha')...
By Smyth, David
..Read more..

Scramble for Rails: Japanese M

Order Code E22730
Scramble for Rails: Japanese M...
By Kakizaki, Ichiro
..Read more..

Dancing for the Gods. Vol. 2

Order Code E22729
Dancing for the Gods. Vol. 2...
By Guelden, Marlane
..Read more..
  New Books 2018 More books....

Handbook of Asclepiads of Thai

Order Code N4749
Handbook of Asclepiads of Thai...
By Obchant Thaithong & Aroonrat & Manit Kidyoo
..Read more..

Khmer Rouge Nationalism and Ma

Order Code N4748
Khmer Rouge Nationalism and Ma...
By Keo, Duong
..Read more..

Long Winding Road to Nakhon No

Order Code N4734
Long Winding Road to Nakhon No...
By Crutchley, Roger
..Read more..

Tangled in Time

Order Code N4732
Tangled in Time...
By Nevo (Shtelzer), Dajna
..Read more..

Forest Trees of Southern Thail

Order Code N4482/3
Forest Trees of Southern Thail...
By Gardner, Simon & Pindar Sidisunthorn & Kongkanda Chayamarit
..Read more..

Order Code E22728
"British Teak Wallahs in North...
By Prof. Kittichai Wattananikorn
..Read more..

Ancient Khmer Sites in North-e

Order Code E22727/CD
Ancient Khmer Sites in North-e...
By Mollerup, Asger
..Read more..

Dancing for The Gods

Order Code E22726
Dancing for The Gods...
By Guelden, Marlane
..Read more..
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Aesthetics of Power, the: Arch

E22677  More ..
Aesthetics of Power, the: Arch
By Koompong Noobanjong


Akha and Phu Noi Minorities in

E22659  More ..
Akha and Phu Noi Minorities in
By Roux, Henri


Among the Burmese in 1902: Fre

E22696  More ..
Among the Burmese in 1902: Fre
By Chevrillon, Andre


Recommend Old Books


R 42  More ..
By Morgenthaler, H. O.


Materiaux Pour l'Etude de la L

R7294  More ..
Materiaux Pour l'Etude de la L
By Maspero, Henri & Yves Hervouet


May Uprising 1992: Buntuek

T26939/1  More ..
May Uprising 1992: Buntuek"Pha
By Manager Exclusivel


Medicina Tradizionale del Siam

X3629  More ..
Medicina Tradizionale del Siam
By Scarpa, A.


Medicinal Plants Garden in Phu

N2242  More ..
Medicinal Plants Garden in Phu
By Institute of Scientific & Technological Research


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