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Slices of Thai History from th

N4879  More ..
Slices of Thai History from th
By Stearn, Duncan


Something Else Again

E22712  More ..
Something Else Again
By Matics, Kim


Spirit Houses of Thailand, The

E22518  More ..
Spirit Houses of Thailand, The
By Reichart, Peter A. & Pathawee Khongkhunthian


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Spirits and Souls

Spirits and Souls
By Sparkes, Stephen
291 pp., 8 pp. illus. in col., 150 x 210 mm
An anthropological study of the complex and rich cosmology of the Isan. The interrelationship between gender concepts and religious practices is analyzed through the symbolism of some of the most important Buddhist and household rituals in the setting of a large village in Loei Province. This approach to cosmology illustrates how Buddhist and “Spirit Religion” beliefs are complementary and competing and moulded by the immediate and pragmatic needs of the villagers. The coexistence of two religious traditions parallels the two attitudes to gender. Village Buddhism orders gender in a hierarchical manner justifying the higher status of men and excluding women from the sources of religious and magical power. The Spirit Religion, however, manifests complementary gender values in rituals for the continuity of female descent groups and agricultural production. The contrast between ancestral spirits who watch over the living and the transmigratory soul of Buddhism illustrate the coexistence of two fundamentally different value systems.
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Zum Ersten Mal im Ausland: 189

Order Code N5312
Zum Ersten Mal im Ausland: 189...
By Schalbruch, Martin & Ampha Otrakul
..Read more..

Reamker: The Cambodian Ramayan

Order Code N4888
Reamker: The Cambodian Ramayan...
By Stevens, Arjay
..Read more..

Slices of Thai History from th

Order Code N4879
Slices of Thai History from th...
By Stearn, Duncan
..Read more..

Taking it up the Blindside

Order Code N4758
Taking it up the Blindside...
By Prichard, Jon
..Read more..

Tropic Gardener, the: Guide to

Order Code E22732
Tropic Gardener, the: Guide to...
By Campbell, Patrick A.C.
..Read more..

Kulap Saipradit ('Sriburapha')

Order Code E22731
Kulap Saipradit ('Sriburapha')...
By Smyth, David
..Read more..

Scramble for Rails: Japanese M

Order Code E22730
Scramble for Rails: Japanese M...
By Kakizaki, Ichiro
..Read more..

Dancing for the Gods. Vol. 2

Order Code E22729
Dancing for the Gods. Vol. 2...
By Guelden, Marlane
..Read more..
  New Books 2018 More books....

Handbook of Asclepiads of Thai

Order Code N4749
Handbook of Asclepiads of Thai...
By Obchant Thaithong & Aroonrat & Manit Kidyoo
..Read more..

Khmer Rouge Nationalism and Ma

Order Code N4748
Khmer Rouge Nationalism and Ma...
By Keo, Duong
..Read more..

Long Winding Road to Nakhon No

Order Code N4734
Long Winding Road to Nakhon No...
By Crutchley, Roger
..Read more..

Tangled in Time

Order Code N4732
Tangled in Time...
By Nevo (Shtelzer), Dajna
..Read more..

Forest Trees of Southern Thail

Order Code N4482/3
Forest Trees of Southern Thail...
By Gardner, Simon & Pindar Sidisunthorn & Kongkanda Chayamarit
..Read more..

Order Code E22728
"British Teak Wallahs in North...
By Prof. Kittichai Wattananikorn
..Read more..

Ancient Khmer Sites in North-e

Order Code E22727/CD
Ancient Khmer Sites in North-e...
By Mollerup, Asger
..Read more..

Dancing for The Gods

Order Code E22726
Dancing for The Gods...
By Guelden, Marlane
..Read more..
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Vaishali and the Indianization

I9579  More ..
Vaishali and the Indianization
By Singer, Noel F.


Vanishing Traces, The: Vernacu

E22683  More ..
Vanishing Traces, The: Vernacu
By Ahmed, Iftekhar


Village-based Silk Production

E22656  More ..
Village-based Silk Production
By Patcharin Lapanun & Barbara Earth, Benjawan Narasaj, Patcharin Ruchuwarara , Soutthanome Keola


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Nom du Riz, Le

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Nom du Riz, Le
By Bloch, Jules


Nomaden von Tibet, Die

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Nomaden von Tibet, Die
By Hermanns, Matthias


Noms Vernaculaires de Plantes

R7256*  More ..
Noms Vernaculaires de Plantes
By Vidal, Jules


Noms Vernaculaires de Plants (

R7256  More ..
Noms Vernaculaires de Plants (
By Vidal, Jules


Noom naw Saow Suay Magazine: V

T27603  More ..
Noom naw Saow Suay Magazine: V
By Anon


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