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         List of Area and General Titles (In print and rare books) In the last 30 years White Lotus has acquired over 10,000 rare and out-of-print books on the region. As the only company specializing in not only publishing, but also in stocking books on Southeast Asia, we are confident that you will find the lists below as comprehensive as any you will find anywhere. In addition to English texts, here you'll find books in French, German, and other languages.
Recommended Books  

Manaslu: Hommes et Milieux des Vallees du Nepal Central

I6690  Read ..
Manaslu: Hommes et Milieux des Vallees du Nepal Ce...
By Dobremez, J. F. & C. Jest
Price US$25.00

I1459  Read ..
By Shambhala
Price US$18.00
Mandala and Landscape

I7918  Read ..
Mandala and Landscape...
By Mcdonald, A. W.
Price US$113.00

Marriage Customs in Nepal

E21291  Read ..
Marriage Customs in Nepal...
By Majupurias, Indra
Price US$13.00
Master Plan for the Conservation of the Cultural Heritage in   the Kathamandu Valley

X1737  Read ..
Master Plan for the Conservation of the Cultural H...
By Sekler, Eduard F.
Price US$42.00
Meister Und Schueler

R6909  Read ..
Meister Und Schueler...
By David-Neel, Alexandra
Price US$48.00

Mesocosm. Hinduism and the Organization of A Traditional Newar City in Nepal

I6263  Read ..
Mesocosm. Hinduism and the Organization of A Tradi...
By Levy, Robert I.
Price US$25.00
Mirrors of the Void

N 621  Read ..
Mirrors of the Void...
By Halen, Harry
Price US$83.00
Mishmee Hills, The

I3343  Read ..
Mishmee Hills, The...
By Cooper, T. T.
Price US$12.00

Monasteries in Sichuan's Tibetan Areas

I9422  Read ..
Monasteries in Sichuan's Tibetan Areas...
By Anon
Price US$128.00
Mountains, Mules and Monks

N 221  Read ..
Mountains, Mules and Monks...
By Steger, Adrian
Price US$15.00
Mustang, the Forbidden Kingdom

R2822  Read ..
Mustang, the Forbidden Kingdom...
By Peissel, Michel
Price US$32.00

My Life in Forbidden Lhasa

X3206  Read ..
My Life in Forbidden Lhasa...
By Harrer, Heinrich
Price US$20.00
Mythologie Du Buddhisme

R6688  Read ..
Mythologie Du Buddhisme...
By Gruenwedel, Albert
Price US$317.00

X2984  Read ..
By Wiltshire, Trea
Price US$5.00

Nature & Culture

I6267  Read ..
Nature & Culture...
By Gurung, Harka
Price US$13.00

E20318  Read ..
By Milleville, Rene de
Price US$12.00

I5788  Read ..
By Ziegler, Wolfgang
Price US$15.00
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Recommend Old Books

Three Bamboo, the

N3738  More ..
Three Bamboo, the
By Standish, Robert



R1381  More ..
By Tomlinson, H. M.


Tiger Claws

R2688  More ..
Tiger Claws
By Packard, Frank L.


Tiger, Tiger: A Novel of Honor

N3984  More ..
Tiger, Tiger: A Novel of Honor
By Caveney, Philip


Time in a Bottle

N4437  More ..
Time in a Bottle
By Praphatsorn Seiwikun



R6655  More ..
By Schlegel, Rudolf


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