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Natural history

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Bangkok 1990, 32 pp., illus. in col., 140 x 220 mm, 0.090 kg

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Smith, Colin; Beautiful Butterflies
A colorful introduction to Nepal’s most beautiful insects. Nepal is well known for many forms of beauty, such as snowy peaks across lush valleys and picturesque villages or temples against vistas of range upon range of mountains. Its beautiful butterflies are less well known, partly because most visitors come during their off-season and partly because many of them are hard to find, and some are extremely rare or endemic.


ISBN 9789744801098
WL Order Code 22533

Bangkok 2008, 320 pp., 48 pp. illus. in col., 210 x 295 mm, 0.995 kg

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Round, Philip; Birds of the Bangkok Area, the
This book offers the most thorough account ever of the avifauna of Thailand’s Lower Central Plain (Lower Chao Phraya Delta). It comprehensively lists all the birds found in this region. 237 species are treated in full biological detail, and illustrated. This book highlights the Bangkok area’s surviving freshwater and coastal habitats—Thailand’s most important and extensive wetlands—of continued international conservation significance despite their proximity to a mega city. Drawing widely on historical and contemporary sources, the book describes how changing land use has affected the bird fauna, identifies shortcomings in national conservation polity, and outlines conservation needs. The text is augmented by 48 color plates, a detailed map and gazetteer of all localities mentioned in the text, and a list of key bird watching sites. Both scientifically accurate and readable, the book will be equally interesting to birdwatchers and to academics and environmental professionals.


WL Order Code 9042

Yangon 2004, 119 pp., 35 pp. illus., 180 x 245 mm, 0.300 kg

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Sai San Aik; Case Reports of Working Elephant
This work is an update of earlier works by Evans (1900), G. Pfaff (1940) and Ferriet (1945). The author deals with the following subjects: Domestication of Humane Treatment, Structures and Functions of Elephant Body, The Digestive System, Reproduction in Elephants, Nutrition and Health, Underweight Baby Elephants, Musth, Oestrus in Elephants, Food and Worms Relation, Daily Food Requirement, Starvation, Traditional Remedies, Use of Penicillin, Hoof and Health, Dangers of Elephant, Respiration rate, Heart rate and Body temperature of Asian Elephants, Care of Sick Elephant, Dislocation and Fracture, Anaemia, Internal Parasites, Filaria (Microfilaraemia), Trypanosomiasis (Surra), Ectoparasites, Elephant Skin Bots, Oedematous Swellings, Skin Problems, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Eye Problems, Pneumonia, Anthrax, Elephant Ringworm, Snake bite in Elephant, Rare Diseases, Destruction of Elephant, Training of Elephant in Captivity, Sole Problem in Procession Elephants


ISBN 9789744800800
WL Order Code 22487

Bangkok 2006, 142 pp., illus., 22 pp. illus. in col., 2 folded, 150 x 210 mm, 0.310 kg

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Boulard, Michel; Cicadas of Thailand,The Vol.1
The first of two volumes on Thai cicadas, the most fascinating and also least known representatives of a family of sonorous insects. Cicadas neither sing, nor stridulate, but tymbalize. The volume reveals the existence and the double life, larval and imaginal, of cicadas encountered during six years of research in Thailand’s sub-mountainous forests. The body of the text includes two chapters discussing general characteristics, acoustic and procreative ethology, and exceptional or enigmatic aspects and behaviour. The text is enriched by drawings and photographs, mostly of living insects. It is accompanied by a CD comprising forty cicada sound productions (or tymbalizations), the acoustics made visual in ID and ethological cards, which form an original feature of this pioneering study.


ISBN 9789744801555
WL Order Code 22634

Bangkok 2010, repr. from 1931; 148 pp., 150 x 215 mm, 0.225 kg

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Edgerton, Franklin; Elephant-Lore of the Hindus, The
This book is a translation of the Matanga-Lila by Nilakantha. It is the best available Sanskrit work on Elephantology. The introduction covers the significance of elephant-lore in Indian literature, both the theoretical and practical elements of the “science”, modern elephant-lore which covers the good and bad points of elephants, “castes”, catching of elephants, etc. The twelve chapters deal with the origin of elephants, favorable and unfavorable marks, longevity, determination of measurements, details of price, marks of character, kinds of musths, catching and keeping elephants, and the qualities of elephant drivers. This reprint is the first volume in a series of elephant books on Thailand and neighboring countries. It gives the basic knowledge of the Indian traditions on which the culture in keeping and training of elephants in Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam is based.


WL Order Code 22354

Bangkok 1993, 370 pp., 1 pp. illus., 50 pp. charts, 175 x 250 mm, 0.800 kg

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Westley, Sidney S. & Mark H. Powell; Erythrina in the New and Old Worlds
In recent years, scientists and development specialists have “discovered” many previously neglected nitrogen-fixing trees with exciting potential to sustain and improve the soil, enhance crop production and provide valuable products. Prominent among the trees attracting increasing attention is the genus Erythrina, distributed throughout the tropics. Many of the 113 Erythrina species are used in agro-forestry systems as live fences, windbreaks, shade or support for other plants. They improve the soil and provide animal fodder, human food, medicine and wood products. Their unique flowers and seeds also make them popular as ornamentals and for handicrafts. Researchers, often working in isolation, have screened Erythrina species and provenances for growth potential under different site conditions. Some have conducted detailed studies of specific tree characteristics. As experience and research results have accumulated, the need has become urgent to bring this information together and make it available to a wider community. This work presents 55 papers on Erythrina research and development activities.


ISBN 9789679994716
WL Order Code 6094

Sabah 1985, reprint from 1997; 332 pp., 60 pp. illus. in col., 130 x 210 mm, 0.520 kg

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Payne, Junaidi, & Charles M. Francis & Karen Philiipps; Field Guide to the Mammals of Borneo, A
The most comprehensive guidebook available, covering 221 species, including 92 species of bats. Sea mammals, such as whales, dolphins, porpoises and dugongs, are also included. All animals are illustrated in color.


ISBN 9789744801487
WL Order Code 21201

Bangkok 2009, 4th rev. ed.; 283 pp., 120 pp. illus. in col., 150 x 210 mm, 0.610 kg

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McMakin, Patrick D.; Flowering Plants of Thailand: A Field Guide
This expanded edition includes a new chapter and over sixty additional plates of Thailand’s most representative flora. Color plates and descriptions of over five hundred species make plant identification an enjoyable pastime for serious students, nature lovers, tourists or others who wish to learn the names and characteristics of Thailand famed flowers. Divided into eight plant communities and easily keyed, this well-organized new edition becomes a valuable addition to any library.


WL Order Code 7336

New Delhi 1992, 264 pp., 42 pp. illus., 160 x 240 mm, 0.700 kg

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Tikader, B. K. and Sharma, R. C.; Handbook Indian Lizards
This book provides a taxonomic account for many of India’s lizards. Information on the species and subspecies of various lizards are presented, along with the keys for their identification, information on habitat, distribution, and status.


WL Order Code 4148

Calcutta 1985, 209 pp., illus., 32 pp. in col., 165 x 245 mm, 0.720 kg

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Tolader. B. K. & R. C. Sharma; Handbook Indian Testudines
This handbook is an attempt to provide up-to-date and complete taxonomic account of Indian Turtles, Tortoises, and Terrapins. Apart from providing a full taxonomic treatment of all the species and subspecies known from India along with the keys for their identification, this book also includes in-depth information, wherever known, on various other aspects such as biology, ecology, distribution, conservation and captive breeding.


ISBN 9789747315462
WL Order Code 21607

Bangkok 1993, 72 pp., illus. in col., 145 x 215 mm, 0.190 kg

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Allen, Michael; Marvellous Moths of Nepal
The author, Colonel Michael Allen, has thoroughly surveyed and collected moths in various parts of Nepal and other places for about 34 years. He has described here 143 species of them, illustrated by 52 color plates. He has also compared many of these beautiful insects with those of other countries where he has made similar studies as well as collections. The specimens have been carefully identified and documented with reference to the collection of the Natural History Museum, London. The author has been assisted in this photographic venture by another well-known entomologist Colin Smith, an authority on “Butterflies of Nepal”.


ISBN 9789748434209
WL Order Code 22010

Bangkok 1998, 531 pp., 56 pp. illus., 46 pp. in col., 215 x 295 mm, 2.000 kg

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McClure, H. Elliott; Migration and Survival of the Birds of Asia
This seminal work contains information on 724 bird species from East, Southeast and South Asia. Bird longevity and migrations are indicated by banding and returns collected during an eleven-year period, from 1963 until 1974. Birds have been suspected of being involved in the life cycles of several viral and rickettsial diseases. In Japan, an extensive study of the Japanese encephalitis virus suggested the involvement of migrating birds in its movements. But comprehensive information on bird migration routes in East Asia was not available. In this book the study of bird movements and their external parasites covers eleven countries and thirteen field stations. Although the banding work continued from 1963 until 1974, it has now been discontinued or reduced, except in Japan and India. Anyone interested in the distribution, movement, or survival of the birds of Asia or of the Northern Hemisphere will find this study an invaluable reference work.


ISBN 9789748434551
WL Order Code 22032

Bangkok 1998, repr. from 1977; 176 pp., 24 pp. illus., 8 pp. in col., 210 x 295 mm, 0.640 kg

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Whitmore, T. C.; Palms of Malaya
This guide provides a unique and easy introduction to the palms of Southeast Asia. Palms are one of the most distinctive and visually striking families of tropical plants. They are of immense importance to humans, and many are planted or harvested for their useful products, or as ornamentals. Think of coconut, oil palm, betel palm and rattans, or royal palm, sealing wax palms and talipot, to name a few. For wild palms the focus is on rain forest species and these extend north of Malaya into the wetter parts of Thailand, Indochina and Burma. This book makes it easy to recognize the different wild and cultivated palms of Southeast Asia, using silhouette drawings, simple descriptions and photographs. It describes the many useful products palms provide, their role in the rural economy and their place in the rainforest ecosystems.


ISBN 9789748496425
WL Order Code 21792

Bangkok 1995, 158 pp., fully illus. in col., 210 x 300 mm, 0.795 kg

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Piprell, Collin & Ashley J. Boyd; Thailand's Coral Reefs: Nature under Threat (Book Value)
This book brings the wonder and mystery of the coral reef alive for the general reader. At the same time it provides sufficient information to make the book useful to anyone interested in environmental studies, marine biology, or sport diving. Indeed, armchair readers may be surprised to find themselves suddenly interested in learning to dive. Included in this book are: Natural history (with a basic field guide to life on the coral reef) Environmental pressures Conservationist responses (Thailand as a case) Prognosis from a global perspective. The coral reef is one of natures richest field laboratories, a great genetic archive matched only by the tropical rain forest. It is also one of Asias finest recreational assets. But this precious resource is everywhere under threat. The brilliant photographs and lively text make Thailands Coral Reefs both fun and informative, both accessible to everyone and detailed enough to satisfy all but the most specialist readers.


ISBN 9789747534368
WL Order Code 22169

Bangkok 2000, 317 pp., 96 pp. illus. in col., 3 pp. maps, 150 x 210 mm, 0.640 kg

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White, Kevin & Bhagirath Sharma; Wild Orchids in Nepal:
This guide provides a hands-on companion to Nepal’s most accessible orchid habitats. Offering practical advice for the visitor, the guide is also a handbook for the orchid grower or armchair traveler. It provides a wealth of data on the species encountered in the wild, including detailed descriptions for identification. Although its primary aim is to enhance enjoyment of the orchids in their natural environment, the book contributes significantly to the literature on Himalayan species and reports sixteen new Nepal records. Crisply written and using a minimum of technical terms, this volume, based on twenty years of observing Nepal’s orchids, is an essential companion for the layman and professional alike.

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