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ISBN 9780195886153
WL Order Code 8187

Singapore 1993 138 pp., 162 objects on 68 pp. illus., 210 x 285 mm, 0.820 kg

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Casal, Gariel S.; Chinese and South-East Asian White Ware Found in the Philippines
This book was published in connection with an exhibition of the Oriental Ceramic Society of the Philippines, showing ceramics from burial sites of the pre-colonial period. It highlights Chinese ceramics from Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangdong provinces as well as Thai and Vietnamese provenance. Most wares are from the Southern Song period (1127-1279). Five scholarly articles discuss the characteristics of the white wares as well as its excavations in the Philippines.


ISBN 9622150829
WL Order Code 4345

Hong Kong 1987 593 pp., fully illus. in col., 265 x 360 mm, 6.000 kg

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Urban Council; Chinese Porcelain: The S.C. Ko Tianminlou


ISBN 9789744800206
WL Order Code 22310

Bangkok 2002 168 pp., 79 pp. illus. in col., 1 map, 210 x 295 mm, 0.610 kg

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Labbe, Armand J.; Prehistoric Thai Ceramics: Ban Chiang in Regional Cultural Perspective
The first comprehensive book of its kind in English, focused exclusively on pottery; its technology, production and artistic development in Thailand in prehistory. Over twenty-five hundred years of pottery making spanning the periods from about 2200 B.C. to 400 A.D. are examined; uncovering a rich repertoire of pottery working techniques, forms and decorative schemes. The book examines pottery production in the Northeast, Central and Southeast Seaboard regions of Thailand, noting differences and similarities in production by site, region and chronology. This work also explores the topic of modern fakes and forgeries of prehistoric pottery, a common problem faced by museums with unprovenanced collections, which underscores the persistent need for continued scientific archaeology. Other topics include the use of electron micro probe to determine the constituent mineral composition of clay fabrics. Lavishly illustrated with over two hundred and fifty color plates, maps and charts, the book is designed to appeal to a broad readership, interested in art, culture and prehistory. This volume greatly expands, but does not repeat, the author’s previous work Ban Chiang: The Art and Prehistory of Northeast Thailand.


ISBN 9780195886078
WL Order Code 6335

Singapore 1993 238 pp., fully illus. in col., 195 x 260 mm, 0.940 kg

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Honda, Hiromu and Noriki Shimazu; Vietnamese and Chinese Ceramics Used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony
The book covers ceramics from Vietnam, and porcelain and stoneware from China. With an Introduction by Barbara Harrisson.

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