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Narrative of A Residence in Siam

ISBN :   9789748496795
WL Order Code :    E20918
  Neale, F. A.

Narrative of A Residence in Siam


This book is a lively and humorous description of Siam of the 1840s. Most historical accounts of Thailand are either earlier in the 17th century or the latter part of the 19th century. Therefore, this book provides a fascinating account of a little known period. The author was in the service of King Rama III and thus in an excellent position to gather inside information. Neale provides lively descriptions of marriage and funeral ceremonies, festivals, and the character of the Siamese, but also of disputes between the government of Siam and Cochin-china, trade with China, and business in Siam. Also included is a chronicle of his visit to Chantaburi. A glimpse of the understanding of early Siamese cartography is offered and the author’s description of meeting with an arrogant missionary as well as his anecdotes of other lively scenes of life in Siam in the 1840s should not be missed.

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