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Burmese Crafts: Past and Present

  ISBN : 9780195886085
  WL Order Code :  I8654
  Price :  US$86.00
  Kuala Lumpur 2002,
  419 pp., fully illus., 32 pp. in col., 230 x 285 mm Weight  2.005 kg
  Fraser-Lu, Sylvia; Burmese Crafts: Past and Present
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In this work, the author introduces the reader to the scope and beauty of Burmese crafts by exploring the historical background, the foundations of Burma’s artistic traditions, and the temple and pagoda arts of brick, stucco, sculpture, and painting, before embarking on a systematic survey of the development and evolution of Burma’s major crafts, such as bronze and ironwork, wooden architecture, wood-carving, gold, silver, and jewelry, ceramics, lacquer, textiles and costume, books, paper, baskets, mats, and umbrellas.

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