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Faded Splendour, Golden Past
ISBN :   9789835600104
WL Order Code :    I8115
Price :    US$17.00
Print :   Kuala Lumpur 1997,
Size :   123 pp., 42 pp. illus., 130 x 200 mm pbk. Weight  0.160 kg
  Canoi, Ellen Corwin

Faded Splendour, Golden Past
:Urban Images of Burma
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The book focuses on Burma’s best-known and most-often visited cities: Pagan, Mandalay, and Rangoon. It analyses the role each city played at critical periods in Burma’s history from ancient times up to World War II. Pagan and Mandalay were both associated with the rise and fall of two of Burma’s great empires founded by the Pagan and Konbaung dynasties. Even though centuries seperate them, there are surprising similarities between the two royal capitals. In contrast, everything about Rangoon from its physical layout to amenities, which it offered, were vastly different.

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