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Musical Instruments of South-East Asia

ISBN :   9780195888942
WL Order Code :    I4733
Price :    US$13.00
Print :   New York, 1989
Size :   109 pp., 16 pp. illus. in col., 135 x 200 mm  Weight  0.230 kg
  Taylor, Eric
Musical Instruments of South-East Asia

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A century ago, the sound of Javanese gamelan orchestra made a deep and lasting impression upon the young Debussy, and many composers after him, including Ravel, Messiaen, and Britten, have found inspiration in the characteristic principles of the region’s ancient musical traditions and in its distinctive sonorities. Inevitably, contact with a different musical language at once prompts many questions; and this book is an attempt to set the scene and to answer the most essential of these, in as non¬-technical a way as possible, It focuses on the most immediately arresting feature of Southeast Asian music, the instruments themselves, with the instruments set in the context of their musical function and of the history, beliefs, and social, customs which the music expresses.

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