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Thai Popular Music: Thai Popular,. Vol.1
ISBN :   9789744801869
WL Order Code :    E22668
Price :    Euro18.70
Print :   Bangkok 2012
Size :   289 pp., 16 pp. illus. in col. 150 x 210 mm. pbk Weight  0.450 kg
  Jaiser, Gerhard

Thai Popular Music: Thai Popular,. Vol.1

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Thai Popular Music is an analysis of luk krung, luk thung, phleng phuea chiwit, and Thai pop, forms of music played for both rural and urban audiences in Thailand. Luk thung is used also as a political tool, as rural Thais become more politically aware. Music plays an extremely important role in Thai society. This study gives a comprehensive overview of the development of Thai popular music since the 1930s and an in-depth look at the principal different musical styles.It also provides an analysis of popular music as a mirror of different social groups in Thai society. Translations and interpretations of a selection of seventy-seven representative songs are given. An annotated index of artists can serve as a basic dictionary, and an accompanying Youtube channel features performances of all the music discussed in the book. Further volumes on other aspects of Thai popular culture will follow.

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