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Thai Mural Painting Vol. 1:

  ISBN : 9789744801456
  WL Order Code :  E22622
  Price :  US$25.00
  Bangkok 2009
  240 pp., illus., 24 pp. in col., 150 x 215 mm, pbk. Weight  0.600 Kgs.
  Jaiser, Gerhard; Thai Mural Painting Vol. 1:
  Update books is : 2017-02-10

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This is the first comprehensive survey of all aspects of Thai mural painting. It includes short versions of the most important Buddhist stories extensively illustrated by depictions from temple murals. The historical overview includes all regions and periods, based on materials from nearly two-hundred temples. Also included are interpretations of the concepts of nine selected temples and a full list of the temples visited. The book is a well-informed introduction, useful for preparing to visit a temple or for consultation on-site. A second volume deals with the most important subjects of temple painting, namely, everyday life, nature, and the depiction of foreigners, a topic that had not yet been adequately explored. Further volumes will treat painting techniques, influences from other cultures upon Thai mural paintings, and related subjects.

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