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Burmese Buddhist Murals: Vol. 1-Epigraphic Corpus of the Powin Taung Caves
ISBN :   9789744801272
WL Order Code :    E22609
Price :    US$50.00
Print :   Bangkok 2007, (Burmese+English text)
Size :   524 pp., illus., 56 pp. illus. in col., 210 x 295 mm pbk. Weight  2.300 kg
  Munier, Christophe & Myint Aung

Burmese Buddhist Murals: Vol. 1-Epigraphic Corpus of the Powin Taung Caves

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book offers a systematic study of a preeminent site in the artistic and cultural heritage of Southeast Asia. With over five hundred caves, Powin Taung has for centuries attracted pilgrims and today houses eleven monasteries providing a home for about a hundred monks, novices and nuns. The caves, dug into a sandstone formation, are decorated with murals of the twenty-eight Buddhas. They depict the life of Gotama (the historical Buddha) and the Jatakas (the narratives of his previous lives). Only twenty-nine caves (regarded as the most important at the site) and one temple have captioned murals dating from the Nyaungyan and early Konbaung periods (Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries). This volume publishes, for the first time, the complete original Burmese texts of these captioned murals, laid out in registers, and their English translation. With its footnotes and appendices, this book is a tool for Buddhologists, historians and art historians, linguists, archaeologists and enlightened amateurs, as well as for guides. It makes a major contribution to the dissemination of the Burmese Buddhist cultural and literary heritage. This systematic work has fifty-six color pages, and altogether four hundred photographs. For each cave it gives a floor plan and plans of the walls with murals.

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Customer Reviews
Date : 2012-01-29 06:44:56  |   The world of Buddha Footprints
Reviewer :   waldemar sailer
The book i purchased yesterday, Chula Un Bookstore, with Dr. Peter Skilling's intro, was very interesting. The one sentence he wrote about my was really wonderful.
Date : 2011-10-26 08:21:45  |   Buddha Footprints in this site
Reviewer :   Dr. Waldemar c. Sailer
There are a few murals in this site of Buddha Footprints. Some symbols are unique to this site and may relate to Bihar, India. I don't know if the writer can read Buddha Footprint symbols but if he wishes me to do so, he can contact me. I would be interested in do this. They may all be Kon-baung Buddha Footprints and without seeing them, I would assume the text used is Jinalankara-tika. I await his reply.

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