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Chilli and Cheese: Food and Society in Bhutan
ISBN :   9789744801180
WL Order Code :    E22492
Price :    US$25.00
Print :   Bangkok 2007
Size :   307 pp., 56 pp. illus. in col., 1 pp. map, 150 x 210 mm pbk. Weight  0.570 kg
  Choden, Kunzang

Chilli and Cheese: Food and Society in Bhutan

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This is a pioneering book offering insight into Bhutanese food culture within its historical and geographical context, as well as looking at food-related beliefs and practices. The book discusses the changing socio-cultural meanings of food in Bhutan. Kunzang Choden, from her perspective as a privileged member of the gentry in a feudal society in the 1950s, shares her perceptions, observations and experiences. She highlights the importance of food as a socio-economic signifier and illustrates how food has meaning beyond nourishment, particularly in its symbolic forms in religion and ritual. The author explores regional agricultural and herding practices, the use of wild plants and the resulting food customs and habits. This informative but also deeply personal book includes simple and easy to follow recipes of some typical dishes. It invites readers to try out the unique taste of Bhutanese foods. Color and black and white photographs bring the narratives to life with vivid depictions of Bhutanese food and society.

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