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Pre-Angkorian Temple of Preah Ko, the
ISBN :   9789744800855
WL Order Code :    E22490
Price :    Euro35.70
Print :   Bangkok 2006,
Size :   261 pp., illus., 48 pp. illus. in col., 210 x 300 mm pbk. Weight  0.800 kg
  Falser, Michael S.

Pre-Angkorian Temple of Preah Ko, the
:A Sourcebook of the History, Construction and Ornamentation of the Preah Ko Style
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The temple of Preah Ko, built in the 9th century AD, represents a unique transition point between the Pre-Angkorian and the Angkorian periods. It is undoubtedly one of the most important temple structures in Khmer architecture, if not in whole South-East Asia. This temple gave a whole range of 9th century temples their stylistic group name, Preah Ko-Style. Despite its importance, Preah Ko was rarely acknowledged in detail in academic literature. This work analyses Preah Ko in its historical, archaeological, architectural, stylistic and contemporary social and religious questions. Together with its unique collection of illustrations, it serves as an ideal source book of the Preah Ko-Style.

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