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Strange Events in the Kingdoms of Cambodia
ISBN :   9789744800282
WL Order Code :    E22322
Price :    US$14.00
Print :   Bangkok 2003,
Size :   134 pp., 6 pp. illus., 2 pp. maps, 150 x 210 mm pbk. Weight  0.220 kg
  Kersten, Carool

Strange Events in the Kingdoms of Cambodia

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This book describes a turbulent decade in the relations between the Dutch East India Company and Cambodia, and also gives an account of the first recorded European venture into neighboring Laos. Composed of material from a variety of Dutch East India Company records, it was published in 1669 by Pieter Casteleyn, of Haarlem. The book gives detailed descriptions of the situation at the Cambodian court, Dutch-Cambodian commercial relations and the intense rivalry between the Dutch and Portuguese. The account of the expedition into Laos led by Gerard Wusthoff records interesting details on the route between Phnom Penh and Viang Chan. It is full of fascinating observations on Lao court ceremony, people’s customs and livelihood, and Buddhist traditions. The only translation ever made, in French, was commissioned in 1871 by the French explorer Francis Gamier, a former member of the French Mekong Exploration Commission (1866-1868). This first English translation of an important but much neglected source on Indochina is annotated with background introduction by the translator. It is a welcome addition to the growing body of texts on Southeast Asian history and travel.

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