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Early Missionaries in Bangkok

  ISBN : 9789747534832
  WL Order Code :  E22272
  Price :  US$13.00
  Bangkok 2001, repr. from 1832, 1834;
  182 pp., 2 pp. illus., 150 x 210 mm pbk. Weight  0.300 kg
  Farrington, Anthony; Early Missionaries in Bangkok
: The Journals of Tomlin, Gutzlaff and Abeel 1828-1832
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Early Missionaries in Bangkok brings together the journals of Tomlin, of the London Missionary Society at that time; Gutzlaff, a German with some medical training and connected with the Netherlands Missionary Society; and Abeel, appointed by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Their experiences and observations are among the very few glimpses of Bangkok and its Chinese community in the early nineteenth century during the reign of King Rama III, as seen through “Western” eyes and recorded in the more enduring part of their journals. The extensive passages devoted purely to biblical quotations and Christian moralizing have been omitted. Anthony Farrington’s introduction sets the journals in historical context.

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