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Friendly Siam: Thailand in the 1920s
ISBN :   9789748434964
WL Order Code :    E22122
Price :    US$13.00
Print :   Bangkok 1999, repr. from 1926;
Size :   312 pp., 48 pp. illus., 150 x 210 mm pbk. Weight  0.450 kg
  Kornerup, Ebbe

Friendly Siam: Thailand in the 1920s

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This travelogue from King Vajiravudh’s Reign is one of the very few reports on South Thailand. The volume complements Morgenthaler’s Impressions of the Siamese-Malayan Jungle and Warington Smyth’s Five Years in Siam, which covers a period twenty years earlier. The author devotes nearly a third of his account to the South, but also traveled to the west, north, east, and central regions, by train, boat, and plane. His report is enriched with unusual pictures not found in other books and distinguishes itself by the varied and lively perspectives brought to bear on the scenes observed. (A German version is also available.)

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